i’m interested in feeling-states.  i’m also interested in micro-nations.  international law has made it increasingly difficult to found your own nation.  props to sealand.  left-right, south-north.  your brain has two hemispheres.  so does the earth.  the earth as your brain?  maybe.

i propose a feeling-state.  legally, of course, you sign the waiver.  if you die as a result of your experiments, the feeling-state bears no legal culpability.  a state where all drugs–prescription or otherwise–are thoroughly researched; citizens, thoroughly educated.  not pot, merely.  still, what might pot have to offer with respect to its dozens of alkaloids, tailored to your genome?  what might anything else?  your chemicals are merely part of the equation.

taxes aside, what is the value of radically independent nation-states?  a place to explore what you want to explore, free from the tyranny of legal red tape?  this is what today’s world-culture will gestate:  feeling-states.  geography as neuro-topography.

your results will be recorded as blogs, poems, novels, paintings. sculptures, inventions, ideas.  it’s not just you here.  they’ll be linked to your genome.  others will have access.  does this deter you?

your passport will read:  “Citizen of Feeling.”  you will pay for this.  billions of dollars will be spent securing this liberty for you–the liberty to be yourself, to experiment neurologically, to have your results recorded for yourself…and posterity.  perhaps somewhere in micronesia.

don’t shy from the clinical…from that which will eventually take you from your hypochondria.  this is the science of humanity…of you.


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